Online Dynamic Positioning Induction Course

Online DP Induction - (ODPI)

Duration: 03 days

Target Participants/Entry Criteria: Maximum Intake 8/ A Valid COC (Deck Stream)


NOTI is pleased to announce the Online DP Induction Course (3 days theory only) approved by The Nautical Institute. The Online Induction course is part of the Induction course & the Simulator Practicals will be conducted at NOTI along with the Online Induction Assessment post completion of the Practical session.

 This course is a temporary solution for the period of the Covid-19 Lockdown and the uncertainty and resulting challenges it has thrown up. The DP Induction Course has been therefore essentially split into 2 parts of 3 days (on-line) + 2 days (at the Institute).

The Candidates will have an advantage of using his time to complete the 3-days theory session of the Induction Course online and join a DP vessel to start accruing DP time without having to wait for the Institute to open. They will be issued a soft copy of the DP Logbook by NI directly for the interim. A maximum of 60 DP days can be accrued by the Candidate without possessing a DP Induction course certificate. Task sections must be completed during the time on board and subject to the Candidate having accrued 60 DP days during the tenure on board, the Candidate is eligible to complete the Practical for the Induction Course and the Online assessment at the Institute. Post completion he will further be eligible to undergo the DP Simulation course.

If the candidate does not require to sail in the near future and has already completed his 3-days online course (theory), he can join any subsequent DP Induction Course and attend the last 2 days (practical) to complete the course. A NI Offshore Scheme DP Logbook will be issued when the Candidate attends the remaining 2 days of the DP Induction Course.

Programme Objectives:

Familiarization with the Basic operating principle of DP Systems, Components of DP systems, Position reference systems, Heading reference systems, Environmental sensors, Equipment class of DP systems, Power management systems, & Configurations of thrusters, propellers, Operation modes associated with DP systems, etc.



Programme Contents:

Brief Description

Online DP Induction Course is a theory only course aimed at introducing the participants to the Dynamic Positioning system & its principles of operations. It will introduce the Candidates to the basic components of the DP system and each of these components will be discussed individually to enhance the theoretical understanding of the Candidate with regards to each component.


Programme Duration & Batch Size:  3 days. Maximum 8 candidates per batch.

Specifications required (Laptop/Desktop/Internet):

1.  Laptop/Tab with a built-in camera and mic


     In case of Desktop a webcam and headphone with mic 

2.  Good Internet speed of minimum 2 mbps with unlimited plan/data suitable for audio/video transmission for the duration of the course.


Programme Fees: The fee for the Online DP Induction course is INR 18000/- and will be considered as part payment for the Dynamic Positioning Induction Course fees of INR 37000/-. The balance payment of INR 19000/- will have to be made prior to attending the last 2 days at the Institute.


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